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May 17th, 2019

Pilates, Gay Elvis, Orgy

Yes, it was another dull Thursday.

Pilates class was excellent, I can feel the muscles worked even now. I'm a returner and I opted for the gentle class, I was concerned how my back would hold up, but it's been fine so far this term. Eleanor is a great teacher, and she pushes too, I'm so glad to be back in her class.

Met up with Scar after work. Supposedly for a delicious Vietnamese meal, no less than 5 stars on Trip Advisor, and a slew of fantastic pix. We arrived, it was a cubbyhole take-away, wahhhhhhhhhhh! Not fair. So with limited time and no knowledge of the area (I haven't worked that way for more than 20 years), we ended up having burgers and halloumi fries until Rod arrived.

The Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Bar is a little old fashioned gem! A short walk from Elephant and Castle, it's a restaurant with cabaret style and piano bar style add ons. There are so few of these lovely old venues left in London now. Worth a visit just to look at the pretty toilets and washbasins!

So, Gay Elvis, or Elberache as he calls himself - really good fun. Great Elvis outfit and he really gives the songs some welly, with chat and jokes in between. He says he's so bad he's good, we thought it was very entertaining. Rod, who manages to get involved with everything, was named as Priscilla Presley and of course ended up on stage and loving it, as was I. Knickers were handed out to chuck, and boogeying was actively encouraged.

And afterwards we went somewhere naughty.


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