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May 10th, 2019


Last night we went to see Dinner is Coming at The Vaults. I got tix at a bargain price, Rod turns up after the immersive theatre had started, with a bag of shopping, and immediately gets caught up in the production, and was referred to for the rest of the night as Cheese Man, as he gifted the queen with a cheese from his bag, LMAO! A really excellent and very funny show, even though neither of us have ever seen game of Thrones, and neither of us bothered to read the blurb saying that's what is was about. The food was tasty, loved the warm pea soup on cold, crisp veggies, I'll try that at home some time. I might even poach a pear. Fun costumes and a really great cast, who were excellent ad-libbers. A basic set, but they let everybody sit on the wooden knife and fork throne at the finish. Very warm inside that venue. A few free drinks helped with that.

It transpired that he found the cheese, and spinach on the train on the way in. I walked from work, taking a few photos en-route. The EU Remainers boat, complete with flags and choir, sailed under Hungerford Bridge as I walked over it.

For reasons unknown, we sat up drinking tea, scoffing Pringles and watching a fascinating TV programme about climate change and what's happening in the world of nature.

And I had a dreadful night's sleep. No less than three times I woke up in screaming pain. My toes were bending themselves backwards towards my shins, and I had searing pain all the way up to my knees. I couldn't straighten them at all, horrid. So left himself abed and sleeping this morning, feeling rather guilty. I have NO idea what caused that, I can't imagine it was Pilates?


They arrived from LA an hour or so ago, and are now prowling around The British Museum. No plans for tonight, Rod's coming over and an easy dinner, both ladies are tired. Tiff more so as she didn't get much sleep. Pleased as punch to have my favourites all around me :)


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