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May 4th, 2019

Bland Pie Tweed Run

Sounds like a racehorse!

Last night I made Mr. Oliver's chicken and mushroom pie with thyme. It turned out ok, but tasted really bland, so I was a tad disappointed. Edible, but not delicious. However, I know how to do it better next time, so all's not lost. And boo liked his kangaroo, LOL.

Up early to get dressed and prepped for The Tweed Run. He lowered my saddle - essential for this jolly, as you spend an awful lot of time stopping. I provided a light picnic from Rotten Corner, and a couple of G&Ts each. I'd brought a lovely, but very holey and moth eaten, vintage suit from fleabay. Donna worked absolute wonders with it, it is such a privilege to have such a talented friend. I am gifting her a Japanese silk kimono as a thank you. She put panels of stretch in the back of the skirt, so I could get my leg over, so to speak. And put a bustle-y bit in the jacket. I love it, and I'm already thinking about next year.

The ride is easy, flat and slow - too slow for me really, but it's wonderful to chat to these oddball people and admire some amazing outfits. Rod brought me a fascinator from the vintage fair in Gravesend about 5 years ago. Today it had its debut, and I received about 100 compliments on it. It was a tenner, you don't have to shell out big money. The pheasant tail is very high, and to my amazement, it withstood the wind, rain and hail - although there wasn't too much of the latter two, thankfully.

He vamoosed at lunchtime, A v N rugby. I carried on - and cycled back to Liverpool Street afterwards, with the picnic hamper. Just 2 years ago I would not have cycled that far on my own in London. However, I know the routes to Liverpool Street well, there's little traffic on a Saturday arvo, and I felt confident. I'm improving all the time.

I do love this event. It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, than to be a flanneur, and enjoy the company of other vintage and cycling enthusiasts. A multitude of amazing looking bikes, lots of tandems and penny farthings this year. But Brunhilde was an outstanding ride.

Tally ho!


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