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April 29th, 2019

Apr. 29th, 2019

So, yesterday I got up super early, and tackled the house and laundry.

3 lots of washing, cleaned the bathroom and bleached the floor. Touched up the lilac paintwork in the hall. Cleaned the kitchen and bleached the floor. Vacuumed and dusted. Did some wood restorer stuff on the coffee table. Tidied the bedroom, made the bed and took a small bag of things to charity.

In the afternoon, sped down to London and did my stint as a volunteer for The London Marathon. Not arduous work, it consisted of waiting just past the line, cheering and clapping, and then directing them to their charity, belongings and refreshments. The atmosphere was magic, and it was a joy to see all those people who's worked SO hard, training in all weathers, and the palpable relief as they got over the line. I think I'll dot his again next year, but even later, so I get all the very ordinary people, the 5-8 hour bods who struggle and battle on until they finish. The people that can't do a marathon, but do anyway.

The end result for me, was a very sore back, very, very sore, aching knees and weariness. Standing around for that long is really not good for me, cycling for that long is comparatively easy! I had semi wondered if I really did need the back op tomorrow, now I'm in no doubt at all!

Rod came at midnight, so we watched a couple of Travelman's and munched on rotten corner choklit. Dirt cheap!

To my absolute joy and amazement, I find we have TWO fox cubs. Both were jumping around and play fighting where I leave the food out. The are both so fluffy and squeeeee! Ordered more cheapo dog food from Tesco............

Nix and Tiff less than 2 weeks away now!!!!!

Apr. 29th, 2019

I've been ratty all day, not looking forward to tomorrow, just hoping I don't get mauled like last time. I'm praying for a general!

I've just submitted my first of I think three, exams. I dashed it off and I'm not very pleased. But I'm tired, feeling a bit stressed, flushing quite a lot, fidgety and that's it! Can't even be bothered to drink wine.


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