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April 24th, 2019

Apr. 24th, 2019

My dort posted a comment on a local council hopeful's FB self promotion. He's not at all wrong with the list of things he believes need tackling in the area, they do. He retorted that it's not all about money. She broke it down and explained why in fact it was.

I can't explain how proud this makes me feel.

Some are blessed with pretty, delightful and gazelle-like daughters. Some with intelligent gerls who go on to fabulous jobs shuffling non-existent money round at the expense of others. Some are scientists and discoverers, which is fabulous. What I have ended up with is a lady who has a real sense of right and wrong. An understanding of economics. A lady who is unafraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in. A lady who will physically step out and right wrongs. A lady with community values. An open-minded individual who cares about others and tries to think things through. She's not the thinnest or the prettiest or the cleverest. But she's fucking ace and getting better all the time.

Apr. 24th, 2019

Tonight I've been playing catch-up with quite a few chores and bits that needed doing. I feel much more rested than yesterday, which is good. Had a lovely bath, scrubbed and oiled myself and now feeling relaxed. I may catch up with the TV, I may go to bed super-early. We've been incredibly busy at work, and I've just had a notification of a major IT issue, so problemos from the get-go in the morning *sigh*

Last night a FB memory came up. My last night out with foxxx. Donna had taken us to a wartime night at Kettners. This made me very upset and angry at her loss again. But it's fine to cry over such an amazing lady.

One parent of the cub is in the garden, at least I hope it's the parent of the cub! I put dog food out, and it vanished in a trice!

I may have a date on Friday night. Saturday I'm doing vintage and a boot fair with Dawnie, Sandie and Scar. Sunday I'm doing my London Marathon volunteering, so some lovely things to look forward to, I hope the weather has mercy on it all.


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