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April 23rd, 2019


I woke up at 4am, watched the sunrise, and persuaded myself not to go back to bed. It was far too nippy to go out in just a t-shirt, but going back to sleep would've meant the towpath getting busy, and I don't like that. Instead I studied the canals website and worked out a route on google maps, to dodge the closed section. My mission, London proper, at an easy pace.

I went the usual route down to the same cafe and had a coffee there, felt fine, and happy to continue. From there, a few road detours, and back on the towpath, following it round as it snaked into London.

I decided to stop at Hackney Wick. Mindful of it getting warm, it was 24 degrees by this time, and I needed to cycle back, which I did, at leisure, stopping at Tescos for some rotten corner on the way. Got tailgated by what I thought was an arshole and followed round the block, It turned out to be Rod, filming me!

Celebrated my 168km 4 day staycation with a discounted pizza and a glass of squash.

I feel fucking fabulous! And I think I'll sleep well tonight.

I know I need to learn to do hills, and probably to ride more suitable bikes too. But me n Brunhilde have had a most marvellous four days out, and I have surprised myself. And loved it. And I've photographed a swan and her eggs, a heron and a full-on rave on a punk canal boat!

I am very mindful of friends with the mentals at the moment. One I've sent flowers to, one I've had literally crying on my shoulder and another I've arranged a day out with next weekend. Pills help, but I am hoping that knowing somebody cares also helps a bit.

Back to work tomorrow - for a rest!

The Day After.....

Missed all alarms and was woken up only by Fatso's insistent and piteous crying for food. My bod is still fine - but I am sooooooo tired! I've spend today working furiously, and eating crap because I've been so hungry. Chocolate cake at work, as we had a birthday.

I had a complimentary makeover booked after work, so went out barefaced. I thought a new look might be a great alternative to Botox or a facelift! Got there, and in spite of their 2 reconfirmations, it was closed for refurbishment, grrrrr. So went to the theatre with n make up, but had a lil squirt in Jo Malone and some liberal dollops in L'Occitaine!

On the plus side, ample time to walk where I used to live, up to the theatre, and get my 10,000 steps in, which I try to do on non-exercise days.

Arrive at the venue in plenty of time to have a much looked forward to G&T and a meal. Except they didn't take Amex, I didn't have enough cash, so my order was cancelled. However, Rod turned up with pockets full of pork pies, murray mints and chocolate coated raisins, hurrah! And brought me a G&T. The theatre was incredibly warm, I actually took my trainers and socks off during the performance. Not me being meno, it was stiffling in there. The play, Night of the Living Dead LIVE! was funny in quite a few places, and whilst not West End, enjoyable and well worth a tenner.

Thinking lots about how to do this Camino, and still very pro the idea of doing the full sheebang on a bike. Yes, the hills are more than I can currently manage. However, 50km was out of the question last week wasn't it! I am of the mind that all I need to do is apply myself. I also need to rethink the Dutchies and find a bike I can ride in comfort. And get used to a helmet. Sweat sweat sweat. But each experience is a learning curve. I now know that after 4 days I need a good rest. So now thinking to split the journey and have a rest day perhaps. But with a year to go, who knows what I might be capable of.

Boo chez boo doing work. I wasn't great company tonight as overly tired, as was he, and he's got work to do. Life is just like that sometimes.

The garden is full of bluebells and some snowdrops, it's all really pretty. I've a busy weekend coming up and not sure where I can fit in gardening, but it needs to be done. Or maybe it doesn't.


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