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April 19th, 2019


Just yes!

Lovely night last night, dinner (and not forced through 3 courses) and a gig at Oslo in Hackney. We both really liked the venue, and the music was pretty good too. Him feeling very shexxxy. Home and did wine n cheese under the blankie. Early start this morning, bike adjusted, report submitted, and when the washing has finished, I'll be off and out on her for the first of hopefully, four rides in four days. Hoping my five coffees so far this morning won't get me weeing too much!

Don't think we'll see Dawnie and Phil tonight, I really feel for her, but looking forward to tonight's event.

And FOUR days of sunshine, woo hoooooooooooo!

Not Pissed Off

So, today I manage to lose or have stolen, my purse, with all my cards, driving licence et all. Luckily, not even £2 in cash. So forced to spend 2 hours cancelling and replacing all that shit. Not the end of the world. It means also that I can't go out tonight. Bummer, but I'll live.

That was the only minus, it's been a grand day!

Firstly, woke up with boo. I am utterly blessed to do this 2-3 times a week. It makes me very happy. I don't need or want to explain why. I am just happy.

Good feedback on the gig gig last night with potentially a couple more to do next month. What's not to love!

I went out on the bike, which he had adjusted for me. Just 32km today, as I had planned to be out tonight. Just LOVED it. The sun, the scenery, everything. Stopped for a coffee, which is where I suspect my purse went awol. Mad place, like a United Nations convention, with the added 'erb smell pervading. I think I may well head that way again tomorrow, as the game is on to amuse myself for 3 days with no cards or cash!

I've chatted with Santi in Brazil and Mark doing his camino in Spain. Lin in Wales and other friends.

Now about to attack my free wine lake.

Loving life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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