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April 12th, 2019

Apr. 12th, 2019

Last night was crazy golf. Wasn't as good as the West End venue, but I do like it! I lost, pretty abysmally, I wasn't on my game like last time! I was RUBBISH!!! Rod took a couple of photos of me, I still look haggard. The night flushes are still disturbing me, but there's not a great deal I can do. Maybe I'll have to suck it up and stick the rat poison in my face like everyone else!.

On the plus side, I walked 10km on Weds and 11km on Thursday, and my knees aren't complaining at all! I dunno if I should walk or bike this weekend. A lot depends on what time I get up, and to be honest, I'm grabbing all the sleep I can at the moment.

I had the opportunity of a couple of free tix in the splatter zone at Night of The Living Dead at The Pleasance on Saturday, and thought about following that with a night ride around London again. My walk on Wednesday went around some of the places we did before, and I though it would be good to do it again. But it's a non-runner. I can't compete with 5* hotels and Michelin rosetted restaurants. I'm the cheap n free stuff! So no treats for me this weekend. Which means I won't get my hair, lashes or nails done. The garden and my coursework will thank me :)

Santi is on his way to sell his farm in Brazil. He sent me a message saying he wished he could've shown it to me. And I dearly wish he could have too. I love the farm in green Hill and hope to go back. We watched Julia Bradbury in Victoria late last night, she was on The Great Ocean Road, so lovely. And the Naked Beach. I feel I am reasonably body confident. I keep looking at nudist holidays, so I suppose I must be! I adored the body paint on this show, so gorgeous. And what an about-turn from the dreadful Love Island et al.

Greg, bless him, took me for a coffee this morning, he thinks there's something wrong with me.


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