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April 10th, 2019

Apr. 10th, 2019

You know when somebody's not telling the truth, and you know they're not telling the truth, and you're trying hard not to laugh. And they know that you know, but can't really change tack. And so for fun, ask further questions, which makes them have to think on their feet a bit, but they're not quick enough and you're internally giggling away whilst externally keeping a straight face............

Oy vey.

En fin, lovely lunch with Miss Donna, who's lost tons of weight and is looking good! I made us both have a boring Caesar salad. With WATER. Never again. She's fixing up my vintage Tweed Run outfit. We discussed plastic surgery.

At home last night was a mad admin catch up. My "to do" list had gotten looooong. But now it's done. And a very very late visit from the midnight sosige cowboy, LMAO! I slept well ;)

Apr. 10th, 2019

A very odd thing happened tonight.

I yomped from Holborn to Southwark, bloody lovely, in glaring sunshine, absolutely loved it. Clicky clicky all the way.

When I arrived at the venue, which by the way is fabulous, in the old fashioned sense, I was greeted by a chap who used to serve us at the London Ladies Munch in the old venue, for 10+ years. Now, that's been defunct for 5 years, but he recognised me instantly. And we had a good old chat. But it made me feel sad. All those amazing and wonderful events that used to be, are now not. All change is not progress.

And then I spent a delightful couple of hours in the presence of current dommes. But I felt like a fraud. Don't get me wrong, I was feted etc. But it doesn't reflect on the inner me. The outer me, yes. But I'm never going to be the show pony. I never wanted to be.


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