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April 2nd, 2019

And Another Thing!

I am chatting away to my date. He's a "coffee entrepreneur" and very passionate about it. Which is lovely for him, but I'm wondering at what stage I mention that I'm a happy cheapskate with my 99p Pret filter? Actually 49p when I remember my travel cup! I seriously have NO idea why people pay so much for coffee, other than rank snobbery. London, you can easily pay £3.50-£5, which is just ridiculous. I also have issue with those expensive swanky home coffee machines, I mean really, you can't make a cafetiere? And the use of plastics in the pods etc is just abysmal, just adding to global warming and pollution. Utter wank. It's a hot beverage, get over yourselves.

And I am chatting to another one. Tribal tats, very wild looking, and we're getting on famously. And then I find out that he's not only vegan, but teetotal.

God never gives with both hands as they say!

And in spite of a very wakey, flushey night, I'm feeling lively enough to do 2 sets of reps at the gym tonight, and half an hour HIT on the bike, prior to my Tesco delivery.

Not So Good

Everything accomplished, I even started a kitchen cupboard stocktake. And then I became very ill.

Imodium taken, I am pondering if going to bed is a good idea or not, it's that bad!


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