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March 28th, 2019

Mar. 28th, 2019

Yesterday started very well indeed *grins*

And then my fabulous new hat was delivered. two and a half sizes too big.

And my whizzo walking shoes - too small.

In the evening I went out for a date. Lush cocktails first, and then a short ride to Benihana in Mayfair. Another cocktail, and then in to the lounge for a theatrical feast. Just to see how he coped, I told my date to order for me. He wasn't flustered, and did a most excellent job. Tempura prawns to start - and this was a huge, gorgeous portion. Followed by a Japanese version of onion soup, followed by a salad, and then the piece de resistance, Chateaubriand, cold water lobster tail, and fat, juicy scallops. All cooked with amazing flair and ostentatious speed, comedy and with extremely sharp knives. Not forgetting the delicious garlic rice, mmmmm! An amazing meal. I declined dessert, too full!

Conversation continued as we were able to catch the same train home, so a success.

I arrive home to a featherlanche. Black feather, literally everywhere. I creep round the house, swearing at the cats, who are both oblivious to their massacre and are crying for food. No bird found. Clearly they brought it in through the catflap, is it too much to hope that they took it back out the same way. Of course it is! I spy feathers at the top of the stairs and creep up. There is bird shit on mirrors, on the floor and on the window sill. And more feathers. In the bedroom, there are clothes on the floor. And in the corner, a denuded blackbird, staring at me. It is still alive and walking. So without panicking, I closed the door, called Rod and asked him to come and deal with it. Which he did.

Snorting with laughter at Seven Sisters this morning.

About to have lunch with one of my most fave clients!


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