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March 25th, 2019

Blowing Hot and Cold

Menopausally speaking. I made that word up.

I have had a few not-so-good nights, waking up several times a night, boiling or freezing. It is taking it's toll, I have bags under my eyes and I feel tired, so I am spending some time looking up how best to tackle it minus resorting to HRT. Poor Rod yesterday, we had a late lunch out, and I felt like a sex kitten, by the time he came back, I was more Bagpuss, LMAO! It's not funny though, I don't like feeling like this. So, time to read up on coping strategies! Sofa snuggles are ace though.

My popped calf is slowly on the mend. Apparently the coffee kiosk lady saw me whizzing around on Brunhilde yesterday morning.

It was a strange weekend really. I'm feeling emotionally fragile, but getting on with things. Pleased with the garden. Using coping mechanisms to keep the upset and anxiety at bay :)
FB Memories are a game changer really. 3 years ago, I was with Rod in Danang, Vietnam. In spite of his very drunken exploits, he asked if I would be OK to visit a prostitute. There was a "Happy Ending" massage parlour right by our hotel. I gave it some thought and agreed. After all, he'd had plenty of licence with others before. And so, after dinner, I went to a cocktail bar by myself, and off he went.

He returned, saying he hadn't done it as the price had increased. If'n he did or didn't I'll never know, but what was important to me, was to be the generous and thought-filled partner, allowing this to happen for him. He's often said I am his enabler.

And look at things now. To be honest, I'm the most amazing person ever.

Odd that a photo can evoke such memories (and it's only a cocktail photo!)

Further back to 2013, I see myself sporting the fabby blancmange pink n faux fur dress Donna made me, and that certainly needs another outing. It was Ian's birthday in Ware, and a certain someone had a lot of licence there too :)


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