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March 22nd, 2019

I'm feeling very introspective, so decided to cancel dins with Santi tonight. I feel a non-peopling weekend coming on TBH. I got the sharp end of the shitty stick again, really not my fault, and I simply withdrew. I don't want to engage with misplaced anger or negativity (I had some very positive things to say that didn't get said *shrug*). Now I just don't feel like communicating with people at all. So I'm not going to! I will stick some stuff on Ebay instead.

Tomorrow, depending on how my calf feels, I could go for a lovely bike ride. The bike fairy has been to visit today, and I'm excited to see what's in the garden! Speaking of which, I also need to continue with garden toil. And I kinda had it in my mind to go see Grandad's roses. If they're still there, I have no idea. That's 3 things, given time and distance, methinks only 2 are possible - but we'll see! Saturday night I fink Imma gonna make myself super-snug and start watching the first series of American Idols.

Last night I made my first ever bread n butter pudding! It's pretty easy really. However, I was horrified at 100 grams of sugar! Firstly, I only had 38, so that's what I used, and secondly, 100 is a LOT! I think it turned out good for a first try - and he said it was lovely. And there I was, freshly grating nutmeg again, oooooh, look at her now! Dinner cooked for me, which was nice :)

Managed to stay asleep and flush-free until 5.30am this morning. Laid there for an hour, gently stroking my purry-snorry for an hour, didn't wake him, and got up at 6.30 and went to work early.

Stomach churning all day isn't helpful. Need to focus more on myself.


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