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March 19th, 2019

Mar. 19th, 2019

Last night we watched The House of extraordinary People, which seems to be a hybrid of Big Brother (but they aren't trapped in the house) and The Undateables (but they aren't dating). There’s a mix of people with various degrees of disability or disfigurement, visible or invisible, some self-inflicted, some not. It was incredibly moving to hear some of the stories, especially from those who felt they couldn’t do certain things because of people staring and commenting. Their lives had become extremely limiting, as a result of, other people’s reactions, as opposed to the actual disability.

And then then banality of reality TV star Tanya Whatever from Real Housewives of Cheshire. Having a snake massage (yes, really). Quite apart from the pointless abuse of snakes for this beauty regime, it was hilarious watching her scream. Not a single facial muscle moved. She’s botoxed and filled and plumped and dyed and extended and enlarged and capped and whitened. There’s absolutely nothing natural about her. Her “talent” is being married to a famous footballer. However, she is one of the reasons women feel they have to incessantly diet, spend an absolute fortune on beauty products and expensive treatments, go under the knife and constantly try to live up to a unrealistic image and for most women, unachievable beauty ideal. It’s depressing. We are simply not allowed to be as we are. We are failures because she makes us all so imperfect. She’s sticking coffee up her arse next week apparently. I'll still be having mine via the more traditional opening, as I feel no desire to keep up with this ridiculous caricature of a female.

Compare and contrast those 2 programmes.

All of the people involved in my second paragraph, cause the issues for the people in my first. Think about that.

Earlier this week one of the Love Island (possibly the most nauseating, vain, materialistic shows on TV) boys hanged himself. I think it’s time we stopped these shows. The negative effect on people’s mental health, the distortion of reality, the body dysmorphias they cause. That only the young, thin and beautiful have value. And if you are not young, thin and beautiful, then spend money and abuse yourself until you are. It’s mad!

It's important that we accept that we are all different, and stop trying to impose absurd standards on each other. It breaks us as people.

Above notwithstanding, a very chilled night with lots of laughing and giggling. And I slept through til 5.30, which is brilliant, after having fallen asleep with my purry-snorry Little Prince. So feeling relaxed and happy.

What Are My Fake Bits?

Just been asked.

I dye my roots and have done since I started going grey at 18. 99% of the time at home, with stuff from the pound shop.

Hairdressers, £10-13 once or twice a month for a blow dry.

Own brand high street chain face moisturiser, and always an SPF.

Mostly do my own nails, I have a drawer full of varnishes and I find it relaxing. Have had extensions, but they ruin your own nails, and so many girls just keep having them re-done cuz their own nails are in such a state, because they keep having them done, duhhhhh!

Lashes one a month or so. My brother got the gorgeous cow lashes, I didn't.

Haven't had a proper pedi since Thailand I think. So at least 4 months.

Never wax.

Did have my eyeliner tattooed on, yonks ago. Might do that again at some stage, because my sight isn't good enough to do on point eyeliner now :(

Faff at home with my eyebrows.

Mostly don't wear make up unless I'm going out.

Ummmmm, that's it.

I realise how cheapo and homespun this looks, but I am reasonably happy with what I was given, and yanno, I am getting older, and I accept that. I think I'd rather age than put rat poison in my face TBH.

Maybe I'm wrong and I should do a lot more, and spend a lot more and take more time to look pretty.

What Would I Have Done?

My 38F girls put back where they belong.

A tummy tuck with lipo. But I would be more pleased if I could do most of it by determination and graft.

Eye lift. My lids are heavy now.

All my veins gone.

My congenitally weak ankles strong, my inflamed discs gone and my knees replaced.

My eyes lasered.

Lots of my friends moved to live close by.

For my fur babies to live forever.

To wake up with my boo every day.

To be able to read and listen to music to my heart's content.

To never be misunderstood.

To just be me, and for that to be OK.


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