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March 18th, 2019


So my Great Walking Plan fell at the first hurdle, LMAO! My calf popped 1km from home. Pulled muscle. So that's that until its healed. I did end up doing 10km on Saturday anyway though. And himself thinks the cross trainer is wrong and no way I can do 5km in 20 minutes, and I have to agree with that, having thought it was dubious in the first place. But as soon as I can, I'll keep on truckin'!

I spoke to Dad during the week and said I'd be down Saturday afternoon. Spoke to Mum the next day and said I would in fact be coming Saturday morning due to a change of plan. Turn up on Saturday morning, to two astonished parents, asking why I didn't tell them I was coming. I did, I said, I spoke to you both! But you didn't confirm sez Mother. I say nothing but make a mental note to now confirm, something I've never had to do in 37 years of visiting.

We discuss health etc. I say I am getting menopausal hot flushes. Now this astonishes her even more than me visiting her! You, you're having the menopause??? Well, I wouldn't have thought that, she says. I point out that 99% of women do, especially at my age. Well, yes she says, obvious, but not YOU! Stupidly, I ask why. Well, I just never thought you would, she replies. I decide it's best not to press further. But.........she asks if I'm taking pills. I say no. Don't take pills she says, you don't need them. I know I say, and I'm not. You don't really need them, so don't take them she repeats. I'm not I say. EIGHT times this was repeated.

Have you seen Rod she asks. Nope, he's away with the Army this weekend I say. But he was away last weekend she exclaims. Yes I know I say, but this is different. No it isn't she says, if he's away he's away, and it's a bit much if you ask me. I decide not to point out that nobody has asked her and change subject as quickly as I can, to her health.

She tells me that she's going to get a new prosthetic leg fitted for the third time as the other 2 didn't fit properly. Then how much she's fed up with the appointments and that they are deliberately making false legs that don't fit. I ask her if she seriously thinks a company would deliberately make 2 wrong false legs just to annoy her? I am told that that must do.

Dinner was fab, in spite of being an hour late because the gales did something to the lines. And a cushty 100% score. And fun with E, who's a great raconteur.

Sunday was a write off due to the calf. I didn't do much other than scoot over to Tesco's to get a leg of lamb, cuz I forgot to defrost anything, and some very basic housework. Cooked a big roast, and we chatted and watched some TV, but both over-tired and him a bit stomachy. But it was nice to just chill.


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