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March 15th, 2019


Brexshit. I really have had enough, I am no longer bothering to read what's happening. It's beyond the pale. Never, ever, have I had so little interest in my own country or her politics.

London air is now so bad, it's worse for you than smoking https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2019/03/12/air-pollution-killing-nearly-many-people-smoking-britain/

My boss has Parkinsons. He's a young 70, could ace me on the Stairmaster, used to be in the gym by 6am seven days a week, and can work 17.5% VAT out in his head. Now he's frail and he shakes incessantly. Although still razor sharp.

Poor night last night, waking several times, overheating. The price for 3 good nights on the trot. Meno, what can I say?

Bloody Sunday prosecutions. How very DARE they after releasing so many convicted terrorists?

And in Australia, a convicted multiple child abuser, under religious guise, gets less time in prison than asylum seekers, meanwhile in NZ, 49 Muslims get killed, and apparently it's their own fault because there are too many of them there, according to the Senator of Queensland. Victim blaming at it's very finest.

Any a week of cycling in either strong winds or actual gales. STOP IT NOW!!!

A much more positive post to come later today, because IN SPITE OF THE ABOVE, LIFE IS good!

Gifts from the G(R)ods

This morning I was surprised by a very early knock on the door. Not a parcel obviously, cuz they run away without knocking innit. Instead, the man with a bicycle, for me! A lighter framed road type bike. Now, my back does not like this style, I much prefer a sit-up-and-beg style, however, this is exactly what I need if'n I'm going to try to start upping from my current 25 miles. It needs some fixing, but is roadworthy and I'll test it on Sunday. I am determined to get my mileage up. This was a lovely surprise and a great start to what turned out to be a Very Good Day.

My next surprise, when asking him for dinner, based on me having purchased some Yorkshire puddings from rotten corner*, said yes, and gave me all the veg I need, also from rotten corner. I may put my big pants on and see what dedded animals are in the freezer outside! I am also planning on making my first ever home-made bread and butter pudding. I am quite enjoying this cooking malarkey, which I never did in my younger years.

Tomorrow I'm up with the larks for what I hope is a big walking day. Walk to station, train to Kent. Walk to market and visit Kate. Walk from market to visit Mum. Walk from Mum's back to the station and back to London on the train and walk again home from the station. Get changed, meet Eben in Clerkenwell (walking from Liverpool Street) for dins. Depending on how much we imbibe, walk back to Liverpool Street. Not walking home from Ches station in the dark though, no sireeee. Not sure what I'll clock up, but it's the only way to do the things I want to do AND get walking in. We'll see.

Sunday, I am hoping for a 25 mile ride for breakfast, if the wind and the rain give me a break.

Back to today. On Wednesday, I decided to take up my French lessons and do Couch to 5k. Now, my knees are not good enough to run outside, they hurt, and I am scared of damaging my ankles again, so no read desire to run/jog/whatever. But I do have a cross trainer parked in the front room. So I put my French CD on and do 1 min walk/1 min jog on that. 20 minutes later, I have done 5k. I am very dubious about this, so I repeated the same tonight, with the same result. I am still very dubious, so will try again on the calibrated gym cross trainer. But anyway, pleased as punch with myself. Until I find out otherwise, LOL. And even if it's wrong, I'll keep going til it ain't.

My fat sister came for lunchy-poos. Well, a coffee. He's looking fabulous. 66 kilo weight loss, plus a promotion to director coming shortly. And his boyf has just scored massively with a Korean boy band (BTS, I've never heard of them, somewhat unsurprisingly) to the tune of £100k. So happy for them!

Freebie to Amsterdam on Eurostar, so weekend with Philippe confirmed in June. Haven't seen my favourite BGF since the girls holiday there. So another thing to look forward to. Potentially another to Belgium, with potentially a free hotel room in the offing.

So now it's time to relax with my Aguila Chillando Tempranillo 2017, and work out Portugues maps and distances. Needs a bit of pre-planning before I book hotels. The ladies must be catered for in every way yanno!

And somebody is paying me to drink wine. For 2 weeks. I shit ye not. I am waiting for the email confirmation, but have already had the phone interview.

You may think "she gets a lot", but there's a lot of graft behind much of this. There is absolutely no such thing as a free lunch.

You may love me or hate me, but nobody ever called me lazy.

* Love. Actually.


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