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March 12th, 2019

I Wish

A house in a village or small town. Somewhere with a real sense of community, where I can get involved and be of service. Where people stop and talk to each other. But not a million miles from a city. With a par or pub, that does food. And a shop.

The house to have at least 1 spare room, so friends can stay. Painted in vibrant colours, in a somewhat eclectic, bohemian style. Full of treasures. A cat or three. A donkey or two perhaps, and a goat and some chickens. A homely kitchen where I can keep practising my cooking. A conservatory type bit, with space for a cross trainer, exercise bike and yoga mat, for when the weather's not good enough to get out. Hopefully an older house, I'm not so keen on modern ones. A decent sized bath. A large dining table so that friends can come round for lunch or dinner.

A biggish garden, hopefully not overlooked, so I can sunbathe naked.

An old bike and an old car to get around. The bike should have a basket!

Some long weekends away, doesn't have to be fancy. And perhaps a longer trip to somewhere warmer during the winter.

A nearby pilates or yoga class, keep my vaguely supple.

A man who loves and cherishes me. Who doesn't mind me getting older. One who's as nuts as me, still has joy de vivre and a twinkle in his eye, as well as his step. Who forgives my capriciousness and faults, as I will forgive his. Who still enjoys sex and nights out as much as cosying up on the sofa.

I don't care where in the world this is. I have never felt I belong anywhere or to anyone. To feel safe and secure and live happily ever after.


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