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March 10th, 2019

Arf n Arf

Last night was a blast, we laughed our heads off. The red panda story was very funny, and although we come from very different places (and perspectives!), we get on well. There's non stop chatter. Food was good too! He is still lovelorn, in spite of just having had a great adventure with another lady. I said, best thing now is to do a "Officer and a Gentleman" thang and just go in there, claim her as yours and take her away. He queried if wimmin like that, I replied we do, we love it and that's why romcoms and chick lits sell so well! What's not to like about being swept off your feet. He thinks it's kidnapping, I think he's gone too far left. Rent a horse and a suit of armour and GET THE GIRL.

Aced Friday night's, 100%. Got offered Boisdale. But lunch, meh!

Today, well, walked briskly (the wind persuaded me) to Tesco's and got some plants for planting. This morning's weather was perfectly dreadful, but it cleared up. So this afternoon I swept and weeded and mowed and planted for 2+ hours. There is a slightly discernible difference, hurrahhhh! But I was frozen to the marrow. My fingers could barely move by the end of it. No way was I staying out longer to start on the back, that can wait. But I'm am really pleased I got outside and did something physical.

This week I've had a week off, to see what my knees want to do. They want to carry on. In fact, stopping has made them seize up a bit, they were better last week when I carried on each day. So my current train of thought is, do a bit each day, and try to do 10+ km a couple of times a week, or once and a decent bike rise. The interesting thing has been recovery. When I initially did my long walk 2 weeks ago, I felt sore for days. Now I have no repercussions at all the next day, even if it hurts when I'm doing it. It's all a learning curve, and I am listening to what my body is telling me.

So this weekend was 2 dinners out with friends, some gardening, and stripping the house from top to bottom, getting rid of cat fleas. 11 washes!


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