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March 9th, 2019

International Women's Day

I've sent messages to various female friends. I made a point of talking to every single female member of staff at work today. I took a female friend out for dinner. I gave a sister a leg up. That sister doesn't know it was me, she doesn't know me. I read, and contemplated articles written by insightful women. And even some of the tails wrote captivating pieces.

Personally I lean towards a 50s household. The woman does the cleaning and the bloke fixes the car. That doesn't mean to say it can't be the other way around or equal parts of both, because it can and often does. It's just what works for me. Of course the righteous will scoff at this, but the whole point, for me, is the ability to choose. That I am given the same choices.

In a world scarred with poverty, conflict, oppression and starvation, I am one of the lucky ones. I sit here, drinking wine from quite literally the other side of the planet, whilst typing away on my imported computer that I purchased from my salaried job, where I get to boss men about. I am not the most educated, but I did learn to read and write, for free, and I can read, or write, whatever takes my fancy. I may have to wait for an appointment, but my healthcare is also free. I can call my queen, my prime minister or my archbishop a cunt, with impunity. None of my LGBT+ friends are thrown off turrets, in fact I can go to their clubs. I live in a place where women can, and are encouraged to, get promoted, use contraception, drive, play sports, own property, have their own company, dress how they please and earn as much as any man. I can smoke, drink, die for my country, vote and start a revolution, not that I have the time.

But on the whole, we don't earn as much as men, and we still get told to make the tea. So whilst I can say that virtually every aspect of my life is privileged compared to much of the rest of the world, we, as women, are still not yet equal.

But this evening, I am hanging the flags out for all the loud, proud, badass laydeez that make things happen for all women.

Mar. 9th, 2019

Plan A for today was to either cycle to Hertford or walk to Hoddesdon and back. However, it is cold, very windy and raining. Plus the cats have fleas, so I type to you from amidst de-fleaing them and the house. Oh the fun!

But tonight I have dinner in Norf Lunnun with Santi. Who's apparently coming on roller blades.

Lovely photos from Spain, where it's sunny and warm, I'm very envious, sat here in my jammies, toiling away!


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