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March 7th, 2019

Turn That Frown Upside Down

So, yesterday I brought myself a marvellous hat. Two reasons. Firstly it's my birthday present to myself, and secondly, Joe generously gave me some Amazons squids, and I'm going to "craft" myself similar ones. Oh and thirdly, I really like it!

I was horrible on my birthday, but not until I got home. I had a bloody awful day frankly. And of course I did/said everything wrong, and that can go on the huge pile of everything else I dun wrong. I am a disappointment. I do try not to be, but I am. But soon I'll be a disappointment in a great hat! I do try my best to navigate the emotional path between meeting my own needs and meeting the needs of others, probably not very well. Do I think it helps to persist in making me feel bad? No. Especially from those who have eaten generously from my forgiveness cake.

I did get my rather upgraded birthday at work, a day late, which was lovely. I only have my birthday on one of the available 365 days. Not on any other day. If you came for Xmas lunch and I just didn't bother remembering and served it on the 27th instead, you'd understand what I mean. But to err is human, to forgive is divine, and we got there in the end :)

Today I am back on a sorta diet. I am eating out twice over the weekend, I have already made my choices from the menu, and despite some very tasty pies being available, I won't be having them. And I am undertaking 1 long walk and 1 long bike ride. I don't like this meno shit, it stops me from sleeping, makes me exceedingly hot and even madder than ever. However, it's no excuse to not exercise and get back on track with my training and healthier eating.

Onwards and upwards!
It has taken 2 miserable hours for me to get home tonight, which was 95% standing in absolutely jam-packed waiting rooms or on trains, followed by 20 minutes cycling in pissing rain, with a head wind, in the dark. No gym. However, I am going to change my wet socks and trainers and jump on the cross trainer, because I refuse to be beaten.

Two friends had good news today. Chris proposed to Lorraine, and Greg got £10k back on PPI!


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