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February 27th, 2019

Cunning Plans

So, accommodation is booked, and can be fiddled about with as required. Ages to go yet! Plan A is to do 2 20km days then 2 15km days then 2 20km days, no rest day, but have 2 days at each end. Plan B, depending on Lin and Dawnie will be all 15km days, which is fine.

And I am really thinking about doing the London to Brighton bike ride in September.

As with all things, I will need to train, the furthest I've done is 25 miles. I am confident I can do 55, but there's hills, LOL, so a road bike with gears would be beneficial at this stage. And a basket of course.

My issue is training for all this alone. I really wish I had somebody to do walking and cycling with. That having been said, I do enjoy the solitude and peace sometimes too! But it can be lonely and not exactly an incentive to go out and do it on your own all the time. A search of local groups was useless, either slowcore 5km walkers or hardcore 100km cyclists. No middle ground.

I've FINALLY booked a pilates class for next week. I did one with Marie before, they aren't the best, but they are free as they're included in my gym membership. So hopefully I can look forward to being a bit more flexible.
So last night was a tad out of the ordinary. Dinner with lover lover at a place called Lahpet in Hoxton. Burmese, which I've never tried before. They of course do little dumplings, which were nice, but more vinegary perhaps than other South East Asian ones. The main course was kinda like a pho, minus the broth! All the ingredients, but very little liquid. I liked it though.

And then on to The Festival of New masculinity/The Penis Gallery at The book Club. Himself managed to score 3 free beers, smooth move. And we settled down to look at all the willies. Two of which were Rod's that I'd sent in. Apparently, they only got 85 out of the 1000 they were looking for. But it wasn't a huge, or well advertised event. The subject was penis size and the feelings surrounding that, and how badly men have become affected by it. The author had previously done tits n fannies.

And it appears I've been vastly misunderstood again. Now, I don't mind that, misunderstandings happen all the time, c'est la vie. But name calling and accusations before you've even bothered to check if you're correct in your assumptions, that's another thing entirely.

Be Kind!

So somebody else decided to upset me. I totally get that he's in a lot of pain and really pushing himself. And I get that I am Champixed, which causes depression and hormonal due to meno, but still! I am managing not to be needlessly rude to people, but finding it hard to shrug off when it's done to me. I've had a think, whilst cleaning the bathroom floor, and I've decided that there's absolutely nothing I can do about other people's behaviour, except disengage whilst it's going on, thus minimising my own upset. And look at amazing things whilst listening to gobsmackingly brilliant music.

So that's what I'm doing.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be reading this, you have no idea what may have happened to somebody today or yesterday, or ever. You do not know where they are on their journey. So be kind.


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