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February 25th, 2019

Fuck You Too

So this morning I find I have 2 (small and perfectly manageable) blisters, my ankles are fine. My knees are puffed up and a bit rigid, my back aches, but it's OK. I walked to the station, 2km in 27 mins, which is kinda slow, but a full backpack and a carrier bag full of stuff, plus the residual soreness. But I didn't mind.

Get to work, get asked what I did, and get told, well what do you expect doing that sort of thing at your age. Hmmmmm, well ok, you don't agree with my plans obviously. No point in telling you about the bigger picture then, the plans for next year. Not a problem. Decide to push on regardless.

Next a call on my mobile. My surgeon has decided he's not coming in on the day I've had confirmed, and the next appointment isn't for over another month. So that means another month of pain and problematic sleeping.

So frankly, fuck you. And you too.

Nevertheless, She Persisted.

Scuba dive

Cycle 25 miles

Climb a mountain

Swim a mile

Gym at least twice weekly.

These are things I could not do 10 years ago. But I can do them now.

I have absolutely no doubt that my weak ankle, inflamed discs and arthritic knees will slow me down, and hurt me. Nevertheless, I shall persist, until I can do 20km a day several days on the trot. because that's what I need to do.


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