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February 18th, 2019

What a strange 24 hours.

Yesterday, being Mum's 80th, I went to Kent. Lucy brought along a birthday cake, it was just 4 of us as Mum was absolutely adamant that she didn't want any fuss. She was super-delighted that Rod had sent her a card, but speechless that I had gone to Nan and Grandad's grave to tidy up and plant things. It was totally unexpected and made her teary. It's not terribly likely she'll be able to visit the grave again, Dad can't drive that far, and I don't have a car. Maybe my brother might take her one day, but to all intents and purposes, my gift is a visit, twice a year, to keep things in order. She loved the photos and the long story about how awful the bloody journey was! Anyway, I have been of service, and that's what I wanted to be.

She and dad also talked about when I came home for the first time. In a yellow romper and knitted yellow bootees. That made me teary.

When I got home, the phone rang, and it was Mum, thanking me again. And again and again.

This morning I've tried to give emotional and practical help to a male at work who's been raped, which has led to a very unfortunate sequence of events.

And tonight, 50% off food and drink at Salvador & Amanda's, Dawnie's helping me with that one :)

I Take It back

A while ago, when supremely confident that Tiff would take good care of Nix, I happily handed over my duty of care.

Now, I know and love Tiff VERY much, I have the utmost respect. I think Nix has made a most excellent choice.

I still do. In fact, even more so. The more I see of Tiff, the more I love and respect her. She is awesome. Fabulous. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want her on my team. What sort of eejit would not want Tiff out to bat for their team?

But I made a mistake.

I TOTALLY missed the point.

For more reasons than I have time or emotional resonance to type.

So Nix, when you get to read this, I will NEVER give you up or away, to anybody, under ANY set of circumstances.

If you fall, I will pick you up. If you are stranded, I will save you. If you forget your key, find somebody closer. I have limits.

No matter how far away, no matter how much it costs, beyond all things, I will get you. As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West (opposite for you obvs) I will get you.

No matter what happens to us both in life, I will find you and I will get you.

Mother Hen, over n out, cluck cluck cluck.


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