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February 16th, 2019

Menopause? What Menopause???

So, last night I went to bed at 9PM after feasting on baked Camembert and watching Miriam Margolyes (Marigold, Russia, a decidedly dull episode, it's Argentina next week, and I have high hopes). Thursday was a late night involving Rod, 2 decent bottles of red, a bottle of Prosecco, a large dinner and two helpings of trifle. Washed down with late night bedroom romps and early morning cowgirl. Needless to say, I was in a fab mood until the afternoon, when the weariness hit me. So I did the sensible thing.

And this morning I woke up at 5, having had a delicious sleep, in sex scented sheets, under my toasty goosey duvet. And made the decision to get up. And I'm bally glad I did!

I watched a fascinating TV programme about Massive Attack releasing their album in DNA! I won't pretend I understood all of the science, but ye gods, what we can do these days. My factoid for the day is that all the films, books, art and music EVER created can be contained in one large painting, via DNA.

I sorted out my tights drawer.

Did the laundry

Cooked a high protein breakfast of pulled pork and fried eggs, yummy.

Washed up, fed the birds and foxes.

Bagged up some clothes for charity and delivered that.

Did 2 sets of reps in the gym and 45 mins on the bike.*

Posted an Ebay

Mooched charity shops.

Returned some items to Next.

Looked at, but didn't purchase, a vast multitude of things on Ebay.

Did a Tesco shop.


This evening I'm heading in to London for a Vietnamese meal, the best according to Trip Advisor, with my favourite News of The World Editor** and no doubt too much vino in his club, Soho House.

My lover has advised against HRT and to keep calm and carry on. I agree. My superpower always has been ME. I'm m refusing to succumb to mood swings, depression, fatigue et al. My periods stopped when I went on the pill at 17 anyway, if my hair ever does thin out a bit, it'll be a blessing, and honestly, I am too busy for menopause shit. So

Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers!

* Having hot sweats when exercising is disgusting, and slows me down or stops me.

** OK, the only NOTW editor I know.


What is not to love about noodles

Or red wine

Or cocktails?

or life or love or being me!

Yanno what randomly came into my head tonight? My absofuckinglutely gorgeous, bargainalicious Oasis Hotel in Corfu.

I am on my balcony, overlooking an azure blue-green sea. It's so calm and beautiful. Before breakfast, I think I may snorkel for half an hour again, before heading to the restaurant. So I flip flop down the winding cliff face path, and choose between the jetty of further along, the private beach, and go for the jetty, it's further out.

It's 7am and there are 3 swimmers in the sea already. Oblivious to me of course. My cover-up comes off, as does my bikini top. I step carefully over the rocks at the bottom of the steps, and swim, I think today, Polar Bear, a fair way out, before donning the mask and snorkel. To see what there is to see in the sea. Which is plenty!

Post snorkel, I gather up my clothes and towel, and head for a mini-feast of Corfiot goodies. And decide what I shall do today, although I already know the answer. I am beholden to nobody and nothing. I shall please myself all day. I will possibly read a lot, dabble on the net, swim in the sea or the pool and plan further ahead. I will certainly read a lot of book and soak up the sun's glorious rays. I may have booked a trip or outing, to another location on the island, or Albania, or somewhere else, it's all so easy here. I might walk along the fabulous coastline. Or have a chat and a cocktail with Petros. Or gone on a bus trip somewhere, or rented a scooter from the shop opposite and vanished to new places.

What I won't have done is check in with work, give a flying fuck about what's on FB or had any type of stress. No fucks are given.

This year I will be visiting a secret underground/sea monastery that I only found out about this winter. Let's hope I can hold my breath long enough!

And that is how you do a fantastically refreshing, relaxing, recharging week. On a shoestring :)

I can't wait!!!!!


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