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February 6th, 2019


I am a tadette frustrated today, a multitude of issues!

My birthday. Well, 53 is no great shakes, so I'm not planning to plan anything. I'm in Paris the weekend before, hopefully the weather will be kind, but I don't particularly want to plan anything else. So people who want to be mystified about this, please go ahead and do it on your own time :)

Valentine's, well, LOL. I have no expectations. Que sera n all that. But no, I don't want to go out with a GF cuz no, it isn't the same. But that's fine!

This weekend I am hoping to do Chinese New year in London with friends, although heavy rain is forecast :(

Tonight I am meeting Marie and finding out why she can't do gym any more.

My pootah stopped me from doing a project. Howeverrrrrr, that may have been a backhanded gift from the goddesses.

All the yoga and pilates classes are fully booked.

People are doing sloppy, careless things.

And because of the above, I want to smoke, and have withdrawal symptoms again, arghhhhhhh. Which makes me eat too much, arghhhhhh again!!!!

A Short, Sharp, KICK UP THE ARSE

Self imposed.

It's my birthday soon. If anybody cares to celebrate, I will welcome you with open arms

I would love to have a Valentine. Anything at all.

Spending time with friends is precious, regardless of weather.

I am blessed with friends.

My friend had her tablet stolen and crushed, for no reason. I am grateful for internet access.

I can currently afford a gym membership.

I do silly and foolish things, with enthusiasm.

One cigarette or even a few, is no indication of failure.

I love life. I really do.


Friends may have noticed that I have divided y'all on FB and you are not all seeing everything these daze. Non friends will see naff all really.

So I have embarked on my journey of self censorship. I am gradually deleting all of those posts that maybe may have potentially embarrassed/hurt/upset.

I am also deleting most of my political posts. The larger part, are about animals. So now I am in tears. Because of course, nobody should be inconvenienced by the suffering of another sentient being. No harm at all in a horse having Vicks stuck up it's nostrils and being gored by a bull. To death. Nothing wrong with a few hundred sheep dying in transit. C'est la vie. Or mort.


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