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February 3rd, 2019

This morning I had to relocate Murphy, to change the bed sheets. Yes, I will freely admit to not having done that last week, because he looked so snug n cosy, but when you've had company, these things do need doing. So I put him on the window sill, close to the radiator (very important to him!). As I did, I looked out of the window and saw the white contrails criss crossing the sky, above a very misty view over the hills to Essex. And below that, frost-bitten shed roofs. A very suburban winter scene, but still, absolutely lovely. So my first appreciation today is nature. Winter nature.

Last night I made a decision not to go out, and instead went to bed at just gone 10, sober. I did have a chatty visit from Debs earlier on in the evening, did some research, and a lot of washing, after turfing out my wardrobe. Up at 6am quite naturally this morning, washing rugs, bleaching floors and I will shortly take back a pair of boots and a jumper because I don't need them. My second appreciation is having enough material things.

This week I've had three gifts. A glass Lichtenstein style picture, that sits perfectly in the one space I had, and of course compliments the lounge decor. The next was a gloriously detailed fox mask. I was going to put that together yesterday, but one needs double sided sticky tape, so I'll hopefully get that today. The third gift was love and appreciation. All from Rod.

And to round off an already busy morning, and it's not yet 9am, boys with the horn. £10 ker-ching.


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