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January 30th, 2019

Jan. 30th, 2019

I was so cold yesterday evening! There is a gale coming from the back door, so I put some door insulation tape on the gaps, which helped a bit, and then ducked under my blankie with my snuggly jammies on, with Silent Witness from the beginning. Not as gripping as some of the box sets, but eminently watchable.

Today we have a leaving lunch for Patrick, he's returning to Sierra Leone to assist his uncle, who became president there a few months back. Exciting times for him, but he'll be missed here, such a big character. Then I really, really must make an effort to darken the door of the gym tonight, it's been a week! But I make no secret of how hard it is doing it in the cold and dark after a day's work. A zero fun factor. I am buying a wee second hand cross trainer, just a cheapie, so that I can do some stuff indoors too.

This morning was dicey, the road were all covered in ice, and I could hear it crackling and crunching under my bike wheels. Slow n steady pedalling, after a longish struggle with a frozen lock. However, no actual snow in Ches, and none now forecast. Kinda grateful, but it is so pretty to look at. I remember a few years ago, it snowed and he n me trekked over to the park. Had some sneaky jiggy jiggy in the freshly fallen white stuff (yes, your bum does FREEZE!) and then he did some sledging with some random kids we came across.

My earliest snow memory was with my dad and brother, back in Gravesend. There's a steep hill, and we had proper sledges. Dad set us off at the top and ran down afterwards. Except Mark was so small he slid straight under the chain fence and across the road. He's lucky he didn't get hit by a car.


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