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January 25th, 2019

Not Popular With Cats!

I got home at 1.45 last night, not clever on a school night. However, I wasn't seven sheets to the wind, had some lemonade and went to bed, no more wine, so still wearing my almost-sensible badge!

Date turned out to be absolutely lovely, can't work out how we haven't bumped into each other before! He slotted right in with the Rumpus crowd, who, when they discovered we were on a first date, did trial by committee, asking him about his prospects, marriage plans, what sort of a hat he wears, and all sorts, which was very funny, and he handled it really well! So we know he is erudite and with a sense of humour. Had a snog or two, and yes, I will see this one again, I really enjoyed myself. I want to get to know him better.

The Rumpus party was also as exuberant as a 5* hotel allows. Bloody magnificent views across to the city, and prices to match. £33 for house red is pushing the boat out. Had lots of fun. I really enjoy being in the company of people who, instead of being impressed about your job title or what car you drive, look for ways to create and collaborate with you. They are lovers, doers and helpers. As I'm getting older, I am drawn more and more to being an old hippy, and these folk are just that type.

Post Mondrian, I was talked into going back to Santi's warehouse with one the girls who was mad enough to drive a car into central London midweek. He treated us to fried chicken and we sat at his massive table, talking. A lovely end to a bang on night out.

I may change my plans as from 5pm. Then again, I may not.


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