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January 21st, 2019


So this morning I got up at 5.30 to see the "super blood wolf moon". I am a fan of things moonlight. A little too much cloud cover where I am, so not spectacular, but an experience none-the-less.

Last week, I was randomly complimented on my neck. By a stranger. Now, I am no neck expert, but I don't consider my own to be amazing. True, it's not short, fat or wobbly, and it's not to wrinkled bearing in mind length of service. However, I was pleased with the compliment, and have been taking notice of other people's necks a great deal more. Personally I find short, squat necks vary unattractive on both sexes, although can't say I'm a fan of the Padung women of Burma either.

I have been pulled up for being passive aggressive, which is fair comment if that's how that person feels. But the way they went about informing me was non-ironically very passive-aggressive, and I hope they can see the hilarity in that, I can! But then again, I'm told I have a warped and wry sense of humour. I have taken the time to digest, and have tried to be more open and direct. Never too old to learn!

On that note, should you tell people directly that you're disappointed, or is that not allowed? I honestly don't know. I suppose they should be flattered that their absence is disappointing, but equally, might feel bad about disappointing somebody. It's a minefield really, and it makes me feel like I can't say anything at all, without getting an earful. And then being told I can't communicate openly, so it's catch 22. I don't suppose it's the same for everybody though. I have never been completely comfortable with telling people what I want from them, it's the fear of being disappointed myself I guess. Perhaps I should deem myself more worthy for starters!

I don't drink nearly as much as I used to, so I don't get so angry any more, which is good. I have also made very conscious efforts not to rise to things, even when confronted by anger or rudeness. I'm a lot calmer and more thought out than in days of yore. Still craving cigarettes when put in stressful situations though!

Cats are brilliant aren't they!

But I truly love elephants, goats and donkeys. Elephants because they are like us! They mourn the passing of a family member. They provide nurseries for their offspring and schools for their kids. They live in tight-knit families, but also communities. They REALLY look after each other. Similarly, their memories ensure they can love, or hate you forever. This news thrilled me, it's old now, but still true https://www.independent.co.uk/news/elephants-africa-tusks-ivory-poaching-born-without-a7440706.html

Donkeys I've written about before. Not a beast of burden, a hard working animal, and probably the most sensible in the animal kingdom. Wisdom frequently mistaken for obstinacy.

And goats. Harum scarum satans who have the most fun! Garden wreckers, which is why I don't have any, but what's not to love!

Flurry of social engagements and date requests.


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