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January 5th, 2019


Maybe gay club in London tonight, it's been a while!

Rod is picking me up post-op on Monday, which is lovely of him. However I still have the massive issue of gas to contend with. I don't think I can undergo that op again without it. Last time was just gruesome. I am going to beg to be put to sleep, the first time was a doddle! It's making me quite stressy, but there's nothing I can do.


Absolutely loved his farewell, full of memories, good and bad. I've now watched the "world" episode and the brilliant Scotland one. Despite not having lived there for a while, he wants to die there. For myself, I don't care where I die and I have no interest in where I'm buried or cremated. I suppose that comes from not coming from anywhere or belonging to anyone, or even putting roots down to be honest. But I'm glad for those that know where they'd wish to live out their end time.

He's very lucky to be able to travel where he wants for his memories, and get it paid for by a TV company, 99.99% of us will never benefit from that of course. There are numerous places I would love to revisit if given the opportunity and a limitless supply of cash. Oz, of course, so much more left to see. Cambodia. In America, loved Philly, NY, San Francisco and I have big ongoing plans to road or rail trip to the many places I haven't been to. All of the places I've been to in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands I'd revisit at the drop of a hat, and many more besides. Probably not Vietnam, although Halong Bay.....St Petersburg in Russia is just fabulous. All of Morocco. Egypt and India. Let's be honest, I just love travel, but that's another post! However, it's gotta be a bargain!

Billy isn't afraid of death and nor am I. I've had a good life so far, and fully intend to continue with it for as long as I am mobile and my brain still functions. Billy is cursed with Parkinsons, and he's very open about what no longer works, he's extremely self-aware.


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