November 27th, 2018

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Pub quiz is cancelled tonight, so I shall tackle the cupboard of hats n jumpers! That has needed doing for ages! Tomorrow night doing a weirdo pathology thang with the gang early evening, which should be morbidly interesting!

The pie I made for Rod turned out good for a first try. I know about blind baking now, and how to better roll the pastry. My pie was a tad thin and the crust a tad thick, you learn these things as you go along. Filling was yummy, and made with love. However I doubt GBBO has a lot to fear in the immediate future!

The cats were particularly relaxed last night, which is always lovely. On his lap til we went to bed...................

(no subject)

Horribly stressful work-related stuff, and I will have to go in super-early tomorrow and sort that. Assistant is away for 2 days. Anyway, that's what they pay me for.

Surprise visit from Debs, lovely to see her and have a good catch up :)

Palpable relief from something not happening. I can feel my spine and shoulders unravelling.

Sick of hearing about Brexit.

Big cupboard tidied :)