November 24th, 2018

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Overslept, and woke up too late for my hairdressers appt. Phoned round, couldn't get another, trimmed my own fringe. Badly.

Schlepped down to London for the fet cocktail thingy. Sarah very up and chatty, Dawnie too, especially considering she's under the axe. And a lovely crowd. Talked to 2 interesting couples and a few singles. I am aware that I need to increase my social circle, and I'm doing it! Only stayed 3 hours, but thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's a funky venue and the cocktails were marvellous! Other peeps ordered food and were extremely complimentary about it as well, so a great afternoon spent with some fun people :)

Came home and get changed for my date. I had no idea where it was going to be, just that it was "somewhere nice". So I made the effort with heels, a darkest green velvet 1940s dress and the gorgeous green vintage jewels Min gifted me a while back. And I have to say, in spite of my crappy photos, the overall effect was exactly what I'd hoped for. He turns up, and off we go - to Auberge du Lac no less! So I was really glad I made the effort. Very expensive, he wanted the taster menu, but there was foie gras, yuk and blow torched eel, WTF! I had Weymouth Crab and Belly of Pork, absolutely delicious! Fabulous place, I would love to go for a country walk and have Sunday lunch there one day. Quite majestic.

Won't be seeing Paul again. Lovely man, chatty, good looking but with a completely different lifestyle to me. I am more bohemian in so many ways. Not just the fet. He's clearly used to high end everything and I just don't need that or want to live that way. No intention of getting on Real Housewives of Cheshire anytime soon. If I said to him I wanted to picnic naked by a river, or have him read out loud to me in bed or sound him, he'd probably pass out. But a lovely night out, so no harm done.

Back in July whilst we were still indulging, I brought this dress for the Mess do. It's on Ebay now, as boo is with somebody else at said do, but I tried it on tonight. Again, the photos don't do me justice, it looked amazeballs on. Glamorous and sexy, yet understated. But too big. I put a kilo on in Bangkok, but still losing.

Pretty tired, but gonna attempt to get up and go bike ride or something tomorrow. I also have it in my head to make a wonderful pie! This world needs peace. And pie!