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November 23rd, 2018

Nov. 23rd, 2018

Last night's sesh was amazing.

Small issue in that there was residual bruising to the right cheek, due to the previous lady being right-handed and not balancing out (poor craftwomanship!), so that went black straight away, but I worked around it. One hour straight, no breaks, well over a thousand blows. He commented afterwards that he felt the benefit of my almost-restored shoulder, hahaha! No strays, 100% on target. We were both very pleased with the result.

Tonight will be a bit rushed, but I'm going to try to do some gym.

Queer Fish

Odd, but I no longer feel the anxiety that I used to prior to sessions or events. I used to stress about how I looked or what was expected of me. But it seems to have evaporated, for whatever reason. Even tonight, when I couldn't find the latex outfit I wanted to wear, it didn't phase me. I put something else on, and I'm sure Rod will find it at some stage.

Not sure how long I'll last as I am a tad tired. Fridays are great for dinner/drinks but not so great for coming home, eating, bathing, getting dressed up and heading back to where you came from until the wee hours. However, I'm in a killer mood!

Also queer, Margs decided to friend-add me on FB yesterday. I thought about it for a while, as she's such a flibbertigibbet and has done it several times before. Accepted, and then she de-friended me, LMAO!!! I did drop her a line to enquire as to why, no reply of course. You gotta larf. It doesn't really matter in the scheme of things.

I have heels on, in thigh high shiny boots. And almost walking properly. Let's see if that lasts!


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