November 21st, 2018

My Day (so far! ) and it can only get better............

Alarm goes 6.30, I switch it off. It goes again, I look at it and realise that in fact, it's Nikki calling me from Oz, hahaha! Bless her, she has gone back the the seller in Vic Night Markets and re-purchased the lovely earrings I lost. Big luv.

So, I'm up nice n early. Get myself ready, put Ebays in my bag ready for posting, have not one, but two coffees, the luxury of that extra time. And I'm ready to go. Except I can't find my house key, office key or bike key. After a half hour of searching, the penny drops as to where they are. I call a cab. Get to the station, the travelcard I purchased on Monday, all £3200 worth, is missing. I am hoping that's on the stairs at home or something. Otherwise I do have the receipt and can replace, but it'll be a faff and new photos etc.

Buy a ticket, £17. I am now late. The train runs late and only 4 carriages instead of 8. A fight breaks out because of the overcrowding. Get to Seven Sisters, delays on both the Vic and Pic lines. Eventually arrive at work half an hour late and semi-rabid.

Settle down to work, find assistant has made £10k worth of boo boos which I will need to both cover up and make up. No worries, these things happen.

Gas issue, hotel now has no heating or hot water. Complaints flood in. Still unresolved, the usual suspects say it isn't their fault.

Internet goes down.

Everybody I need to speak to at HO is on a 3 day course.

It's lunchtime. Keep calm and carry on :)
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