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November 9th, 2018


The exceptionally good news is that Natasha had her liver transplant and is in recovery. Fingers crossed for her that everything goes splendidly from here on in. She has been amazing. And really lucky to get a viable organ. If you are reading this and aren't carrying a donor card, WHY NOT????

I have now finished work, my out of office is on. I am just having one lickle glass of wine, before stormtrooping a multitude of tasks, including packing.

I am so looking forward to this break.
I may get a new tattoo done in Thailand, if there's time. I want a visible reminder to rely only on myself and not believe anybody who says they've been tamed or will always find me. I really need to move away from silly lovestruck "rose" notions and harden up. It's important. I don't want to get duped again. The tat on my bum can be easily covered up, but it'll have to wait. I do like the temple tattoos I've seen, but I want something more succinct, crisper and on point. Not so keen on how they do them either, ouchies!

Packed, cleaned the bathroom, just about to tackle the kitchen. Just a few hours now and I'll be on my way. The weather here has really turned. I need me some sunshiiiiine!

I'm sure the fur babies are in very good hands, Scar is a cracker. And Rod has kindly agreed to be her fall back, so she'll be fine. She's already connected to and chatting with co-friends, so that's great.


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