November 7th, 2018

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I am slowly drifting towards relaxation mode. Only a few days now, and I'll be outta here. My knees will kill me for the 14 hours they will be cramped up and I'll probably get sat next to a fat and flatulent German. But I don't care.

Sunshine. The serenity of temples. Massages. Wonderful Food. Swimming. Pedicures. Nix, Tiff, Michael. Night markets. Walking all day and talking all night. Reading.

Just getting away from it all. A chance to relax and regroup. Quality time with GOOD people. And another dive that is the madness of South East Asia. Dirty old ho :)

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People are still asking me why I don't chuck or burn Rod's things. It annoys the fuck out of me when people say that.

Firstly, because it's HIS, not mine. Secondly, it is perfectly under control here, and is doing no harm. It would also be a gross breach of his trust in me. He always thought I would throw everything away, but apart from one horrible cheating episode, when I threw things out of the window, I am proud to say I have not let him down. I know how upset he was when Janice disposed of a lot of his things, and I'm not going down that path. I have seen the trauma screwing around with his things causes, and I don't wish to add to it.

He helps me a lot, whenever he can. I can't change the past and make him loyal as a partner, (nobody ever will) I can maintain my own standards of treating other people decently though. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about hoarding. I understand, and it doesn't bother me like it used to. I have plenty of space for my things and my life now. I don't intend to make him feel violated.

We are close and intimate, we still engage in naughtiness. I don't need or heed silly advice.