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November 6th, 2018

Nov. 6th, 2018

Bobbing along, like a happy thing from happysville, with extra happy.
Last night I felt incredibly down. I did farewell notes for my rents and dort. I was thinking of hanging around till after Christmas and then just going away.

I'm still feeling horrible this morning. I'll go through the motions of doing what I have to do.

Rod is clearing the big bedroom because he believes it's the adult thing to do. A more adult thing would have been not to deliberately turn up at an event you know your ex is at. But Rod is Rod. I wonder now how much he may have pulled this sort of shit on Janice and how I may have unwittingly played a part in that.

Let's get on with crap and see what today brings.

Nov. 6th, 2018

So, I have booked myself into an hotel and planned good stuff for the weekend he is clearing the big bedroom. I have also informed him I'll be at LAM that weekend, and that I do not wish to see them together there. If he opts to cause unpleasantness by not co-operating like I have, on his head be it. I hope he decides to take the easy, civilised path.

I am still upset, but there's not a lot I can do about that. Work is busy, I fly to Thailand in just 4 days. I had a great date last night, and he wants to see me again before I go. Difficult but not impossible. He's not a fet person, but I've been very upfront about it. He does club, drink and dance though. I think I would like to see him again. I'm not sure of my own emotional availability, but feel I have to push myself forwards.

Not a good time for me. But as always looking for things to be optimistic about.

Nov. 6th, 2018

Just been invited to a private event. Kick off at Kitkat late on Friday night - Vabali Spa Sat afternoon - Private Pre-Party Sat night then Berghain early Sunday morning onwards ..

Spring next year. it's hugely risky with no partner, but I'd love to go. Fabulous crowd. Burners, kinksters and hippies.

Fuck. I'll sleep on it.

Things on a much more even keel with Rod. He has agreed that he won't attend the events I do, and I have listed those I am doing and sent them to him. I hope that works out. Sunday was pretty horrible for me, and was very, very avoidable.

Had a real laugh doing the pub quiz with Kayleigh, we've already decided to keep doing it and recruit more quizzsters :)

Meeting Scar tomorrow night, and dinner and a show with Santi afterwards.


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