November 1st, 2018

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Absolutely tipping down. Couldn't ride my bike :(

Tried the positive approach and came to work a la boheme in a silky leopard skirt, oversized jumper and my fab lobster necklace. After I had been at work for 3 hours, one person pointed out I had navy blue tights on (again!!) and another that my jumper was inside out. Oh well, I tried, LMAO!

Today has been a huge success work wise, and I have a bottle of plonko redo from Jay, which is great.

I may go for a mooch round the shops after my session, if the rain subsides. And I have more of my delicious chilli waiting for me when I get home.

Thankfully, between Rod, Chris and Lewis, I think the cats are taken care of, although I still worry about them so much. I wish Murphy could go to a cattery, but he would find it so distressing, I just can't do that. Fatso would be fine of course.

We've booked a day out from Bangkok, so that's a start. basically I am looking forward to being in the sun, de-stressing and spending time with friends.