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October 19th, 2018

Let it go, let it go

Dreadful song, good sentiment!

During last nights' cupboard scourge, I found the dress I intended to wear to the mess do. This was purchased months ago in the sale, and of course things have changed somewhat since then!! So I've stuck it on Ebay, and will make a profit on it, all good! But a bit of a shame, as since losing weight, it does look rather killer on me!

One hopes my replacement will live up to my illustrious shenanigans - threesomes, snogging Polly Perkins, being asked by the security guard if we were aware my giving BJs to 2 blokes in the bar was being recorded...........the arse feeling award. Those events were a lot of fun for us. However, the dress money will go towards travels, or perhaps a new bike, and I'm out with somebody very exciting and intriguing this weekend. Onwards n upwards!


I used to feel a frizzon of excitement and anticipation when I had a date with boo, pre us living together of course. And a frizzon when he was due to return from being away with work or TA. But it's something I haven't felt for some time. Until now.

I have been chatting away to a man, for 2 weeks now. Via telephone and internet. He's very different. Very. I have already told him I pro domme and have a boy to clean my floors. He's unphased. He's seen naked pix of me on FL and is already pleasuring himself.

He's well read, well travelled and very naughty. He's already given his cock size because it was noted as one of my requirements. He's incredibly easy to talk to, on a chat or deep level.

If nothing else, I will gain a great friend. Very possibly a lot more.

Watch this space.

In other news, I have a lump under my left armpit and it's hurty and itchy. Guessing I will have to see the Doc if no change in a week.


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