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September 20th, 2018

Gay Paree

Sat outside Costa in blazing sunshine this afternoon, admiring the crystals glinting away on my sandals, and thinking I should get a pedi sometime soon. But probably won't. Betwixt fending off suitors online, and reading my book, I was simultaneously trying to plan Paris on Saturday. 5ish hours in the City of Love. And within minutes, I was already needing to cut down, due to lack of time. So I may join Nix n Tiff there in May after all. Yah, done it loadsa times, but there's always something new to see! Paris in spring is horrendously expensive though!

I'm still reading Colin Thubron's "Among the Russians". He got a mention by no less than Joanna Lumley, during her Silk Road travelogue (brilliant, watch it!). And I just happen to have already purchased a second hand copy of the book she mentioned. If I weren't so slack at writing and so bad at photography, I think travel journalist would actually be my ideal job. Joanna has really turned my head towards some destinations I would previously never have considered. If somebody were generous enough to present me with her budget, slap my arse and get me there!

Un Terrified

I have been wary of making any decisions sans Rod. But I hereby make a declaration, which I have not run past him.

In my older years, maybe soon, probably not, I wish to live in a place where I can swim or paddle or explore. Be it an ocean, a sea, a river or an inlet. I wish to live near water. Water I can enjoy and swim in. At a push, a pool, would be fine.

My Dad watched Rolf Harris chucking babies into pools when I was tiny. I can swim, I am happy by sea.

I can do lap after lap, in polar bear or labrador, depending on my mood. No grace, or speed. But I can do a mile easily. 78 lengths.

This is my first brick.

I'm in love with an idiot.

Keep calm and carry on.


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