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September 15th, 2018


Yup, made that up!

Met with lovely Lin and her festival friends. So so tempted to book Wilderness and Bearded Theory for 2019 but with no companion, meh :(

Above notwithstanding...............brilliant company and so glad I made the effort! Lin's festival friends are great. Fet, but not!

Cocktails, wine and good food, in very convivial surroundings, with chatty, educated and erudite peeps. What a lovely fin de siecle to the week. And roll on Le Weekend!

I am kinda tempted to call on the wolf. I feel fecund and very naughty. And very alpha female. Guy is safe, but not safe. I never "quite" know where I am with him. 20+ years and he still lingers. It's been 12 years now, but he's still there. And I would still kiss the hand that devours me.
I'm about to go and have a bath and do my hair, I cancelled this morning's hairdresser appt. I was aiming for a lie in, however, next-door-but-one are having a loft extension built and the bloody builders were at it by 8am. That and crying cats got me out of my cosy repose. I totally forgot that I wanted to start a yoga class too.

Next up, something happened that would ordinarily have made me upset and/or angry. It didn't, I took it in my stride and still feel absolutely calm about it.

Out of the blue, I decided then to go big knicker shopping. Instead, I ended up buying a silk floral matching set from M&S who suddenly have a half price sale on. And then some gorgeous embroidered jeans in a smaller size. And then I treated myself to a few little cut price morsels from the Food Hall, sea salt caramels in a presentation box, £1, rhubarb conserve, also £1. And some steamed prawn dim sums. I've also got little strawberries from rotten corner, and I think I might make a quick jelly with those. And at some stage, I'll truffle through my lovely sets of matching underwear, I have a few, and I really should be wearing them.

Den told me how much he's leg-lifting at his gym. And so I totally upped my game. On 10 out of 12 machines, I did MUCH better. Of course I will never be able to do what a burly biker does, but I can always do better. So I did. I am quite pleased with my re-shaping progress thus far. I haven't lost a ton of weight, but my hourglass figure is returning. I would like to lose another stone before Bangkok, which is 2 months away, so do-able. I am not dieting, just watching what I eat, and it's working, in conjunction with the exercise.

Slavey came and cleaned (a bit, he's useless) and boo turned up unannounced, which I though was sweet. To say goodbye. He's off on his annual TA jolly. To Italy. I am jealous. But it's incentivised me to book a flight for next year! I got a hug! i also got a surprised slave, who was naked, scrubbing the floor at the time.

Discovered I mis-read the advice about the pub tomorrow, so I will be cycling after all :)

It's nippy. The evenings are drawing in a tad now. That's not good, but the fact that I can start wearing all my snuggly leisurewear is!
Possibly not my best shot, but it was such fun! We did have a man with us too, but he was taking the photo.


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