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August 18th, 2018

Gas Masks

Fabulous sense of detachment and anonymity.

Ended up showing my FL pics to people last night. I'd forgotten what amazing adventures I've been on! And what a wicked imagination I have, hahahaha! A rather different night to the one I expected, but great.

Cocktails later on today, I'd better get my skates on!
There was a lot of fucking going on last night, which I of course have no objection to, having had the pleasure of indulging in most of London and beyond's clubs.He and I and were exhibitionists, which has nothing to do with BDSM at all, but it's tolerated. What I've never been is a voyeur, and after last night, never will be. It's so different now.

Lilly white bottoms pumping in and out, eyes either screwed with the effort, or swivelling to see who's checking them out. No attention being paid to the woman, just humping away. The females who knew they were being watched, making the appropriate fake, but encouraging noises. And two crying, not from joy. It wasn't remotely sexy. It was horrible and sordid. But the men strut away, proud of their "achievements". Single men on the sidelines, shouting coarse encouragement. Trying to touch and join in.

Conversely, male subs, almost euphoric with the experience of being used in public. Mistresses keeping a watchful eye on their boys, checking. A whole different world.

That club is dead now, and shagging will go back to being furtive. Which was better! We used to have huge amounts of fun being naughty.

I remember watching Rod fuck Steph in a club (with my full agreement). They were in a private room, but it had a window. I stood there, thinking that's my man and my cock, marvelling at the scene. It was pretty hot. Afterwards, her and I were like naughty co-conspirators, he had to leave unfortunately.

At Rios, an American offered his wife to Rod, who accepted. She actually fell asleep, snoring, as her husband and I watched them. It transpired she'd already serviced most of an adult cinema earlier that afternoon, and couldn't keep up the pace, LMAO!

Somewhere else, Walthamstow I think, we were doing doggy style, and a random bloke crawled underneath and asked Rod to shoot his load in his mouth, which he did. That's all the bloke wanted *shrug*

At Hard On, after a fun encounter involving 4 of us, several blokes commented that I was an amazing woman, and how lucky Rod was. I think the penny briefly dropped then, and he was all over me with admiration and love. But it didn't last. He soon went back to nothing ever being enough or good enough, like a petulant teenager. Which was a huge shame really, because there could have been a lot more to come.

We had a great time in clubs, especially in the early days, when the clubs were much edgier than they are now. Happy memories :)


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