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August 17th, 2018

So. Submissive?

Was the opening gambit of one app chat last night. On a 'nilla site.

After some back n forth, he insisting that I wanted to be tied and controlled, I told him somebody who approaches people they've never met, and starts discussing sex roles, is a chancer, not a dominant, and the internetz is already full of 'em! He then attempted sexting. Which I quite like, with a partner, but cheap thrills for a stranger? No thanks, I can get paid for doing that!

Whatever happened to deeper connections and intimacy? Are men really so desperate to get their rocks off and "prove" themselves? Guess so :(

It's kinda nice to get all the buzzes and likes, it makes me feel like I may still be attractive, which isn't a bad thing at the moment. But I'm not really into it.

I watched Real Marigold Hotel last night and loved it. I don't think I'll consider India for retiring, but wouldn't it be grand to do a 3-month trip and see all those amaaaaaaazing places. The programme has been a REAL eye-opener. So much more than I ever imagined.

But first I need a rock, a lover, and a co-conspirator to do these things with.

Some good news. After 4 attempts, the RSPCA have finally agreed to investigate the footage I sent them. Red Tractor have already pulled the business. DEFRA next!

I'm really tired. It's been an emotionally trying week. But it's the weekend. Unfortunately, due to the rain, some of it gonna be spent lawn mowing!


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