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August 5th, 2018

Up with the larks! Not that we have any larks.

I am about to water the garden, because I've been out the last few nights, and been unable to do it. But enjoying a few moments of cat-free quiet, with a coffee.

Last night I made the super-sensible decision to simply have a coffee and go to bed once I'd arrived home. No more wine.

Yesterday was splendid. Such a gorgeous day, spend idly chatting and laughing with friends. I arrived feeling sad and lonely, and left in a much better frame of mind, at almost 11pm, with a bag of books to read and a very full tummy. Lots of play this time, possibly due to it being so warm well into the evening. Can't imagine what the neighbours think when they hear the whips cracking and the squealing, although some of the neighbours were there. The gay guys I adore, they're fabulous.

I woke up this morning in tears. Just a general feeling of heavy sadness. I'm going to attempt to shake it off with a busy day. I've cancelled my brunch date, he wasn't suitable anyway, it was just something to do. I think I may stay off dating etc for a while. I am clearly not in the right place emotionally for it. Just relax and enjoy this marvellous summer. Maybe love will just find me, it did before :)

Happy As.

Got dolled up and cycled down to the station at lunchtime, trained in to London and had a wee solo wander around Spitalfields before meeting up with Sandie and Peter to try our Taboo Bazaar. It was small, but there were lots of lovely things for fet n festival people. And delightfully, things I'd never seen before, always a plus. Lunch outside under a shady tree just off the square, watching the salsa dancers do their thang.

Then on to Brick Lane, and a stroll down there. Sadly, Bitsch Kitsch was half gone, literally. So not much tawdry amazement for me to buy, which I guess is a good thing, but I don't think so! But loads of street art, performers and hoi polloi for our amusement.

I orfed to LAM, they headed back home. Saz let me in free, I headed straight for the glittery cock man, and he gave me a 50% discount. Couldn't say no really! Had a chat with him, he's lovely, and then decided to go upstairs to the gallery, as it looked quieter. Started ordering a Parma Violet gin cocktail, and somebody I vaguely know from the scene insisted in paying, which was jolly nice. As was the cocktail!

Decided not to stay too long as there were only a handful of people I know, and walked down to Liverpool Street for the train home. Except there were no trains. It was blisteringly hot, and no way of getting home (apart from bus replacement, which hadn't even started) as it was the same story at Seven Sisters and Tot Hale. Woe. Started on up the escalators, and lo! ONE train came up on the board. You've never seen me try so hard to run in flip flops!

And this evening I've had the last of my huge chilli con carne, and done everything I can think of to get the swelling in my feet to go down. To no avail. But that literally has been the only negative thing today.

And here's the best part of today - as I crossed over from Liverpool St station to get to Spitalfields, my Fit Flops snapped. I hobbled to the side to take them off, intending to walk to the nearest stall and buy a cheapo pair to wear. I had a polite tap on the shoulder from an elegant Indian lady, who opened her pag and offered me her brand news flip flops! She was a size 5, I am an 8. But miraculously I could get them on and walk in them. I thanked her very profusely, what a lovely gesture to a complete stranger! It's been a hard 7km today, in flip flops 3 sizes too small and no support, especially in the heat, but absolutely worth it.

Back home, I Gorilla glued the Fit Flops, and I think they will hold, but I won't be testing their mettle for a day's walking again!


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