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August 2nd, 2018

Move forward a year....


I've been contacted by somebody I thought was a chancer, wanting me to sit for photographs. I asked for a portfolio, and to my surprise, he has a bloody good one. Very sexy.

Life is certainly full of ups n downs!

Aug. 2nd, 2018

So I'm generating plenty of interest on Bumble. Most time I right swipe, I get a BOOM. I've had a few dates now, but nobody I've wanted to see again other than on a friends basis, and as we know, men don't like being friend-zoned. And I don't need the attention.

Greg, Den and a couple of my girls say my wish list is too long and asking too much? Admittedly, Rod is a hard act to follow. But I live in shiny optimism that there is somebody out there, who's fun, witty, clever, challenging, alternative, in reasonable condition for their year, highly sexed and well hung :)

Rod did get the tactile and affectionate me. I also want to be able to be vulnerable and tender, which is impossible when you're continually put in the position of tackling infidelities and deceit. That will never bring out the best in anyone. It makes you aggressive and combatant. And one behaviour constantly fuels the other.

But dating is good, I'm enjoying it. Made easier by the lovely weather.

Out with Dawnie tomorrow and at Den n Erica's on Saturday, with quite a few old friends. Den has been searching for me, but so far he's not come up with anything I deem suitable. Am I too picky? Possibly. Will I compromise? A bit!

Night night world, I love you xxxxxxxxx


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