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August 1st, 2018

Hey Fatty Boom Boom

Sweet Sugar Dumplin'

Off the back of my last blog, I am today offered a directorship and modelling stroke PR opportunity with an emerging new brand aimed at the more luscious gal, who wants to look that little bit extra. Colour me intrigued, we'll see where that goes!

Last night I watched Ed Balls in Trumps America or something like that. He's a lovely chap, I have a renewed like for him, but I still despair of those redneck supporters. Worse, the ones that aren't, and DO know better. Rednecks with Paychecks looked fun though. My bad!!

After that I watched First Time Call Girl. It was as grim as I imagined it would be. Miss X hasn't told her family that she's planning on becoming a working girl, but she's agreed to let us film her journey. Oh really?. She started out all shiny and hopeful, loving the money. And in a very short stretch of time, she was upset, angry and very, very cynical about men. I'll watch the next episode. But we know what happens.

I was pondering the heirarchy on sex workers, because there clearly is one, although there shouldn't be I suppose. A dominatrix is prized and priced more highly than a prostitute, and most don't offer sexual services, unless they are bumming the client. And they need a dungeon, not just a bed, plus an array of usually very expensive outfits. Lingerie just doesn't cut it. I did things with Rod, which were a close call, but I personally have not offered sexual services. I don't see anything wrong with it, it's a needed service. I just opt not to go here. Probably something to do with my monogamish life choices. The ish is relevant.

Tonight my viewing pleasure was the start of the new "Real Marigold Hotel". The cast is somewhat downgraded, but so far so good. They are in Udaipur. I was disappointed that India was picked again, but the reactions have been amazing. Selina Scott echoed many of my own thoughts on India. I thought I'd ruled it out, but maybe not! All he information about living overseas at some stage is being sucked up by my sponge-like brain, and stored for later use. Who knows where, who knows when......

Rod sent me some photos today, he needed to clear memory on his phone. I reciprocated with the ones I have of him. It was sad, but a lovely opportunity to re-look at some fabulous times. And of course his new lady will not want to see photos of my amazing self on his phone. I wonder what he's done with the really naughty ones?

I went for my go-to comfort food and made myself a rather magnificent chilli con carne for dinner. And bloody lush it was too.


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