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April 19th, 2018

Murphy has a gash on his ear, which is oozing pus. It's also inflamed and hard to the touch, as well as hot. I suspect it's infected, so we are going to the vet at 9.30. No doubt an expensive excursion, but you do what needs to be done for your adored pets. Rod is coming to take us, I'm so grateful I burst into tears last night.

I am awaiting an emergency call back from my Doc. After 3 days of very poor sleep and not being able to eat much, I am showing the symptoms of a hiatus hernia. I hope it's not that. But I feel sick literally all the time and I'm in a lot of discomfort.

All is not well at P Towers.
So my vintage chair money went on Murphy's ear. Whooooosh, just like that. I don't begrudge him a penny. He is my Bengal Boy and I'll look after him, always. I am hoping that he doesn't need an op next week. It's covered by insurance, but very risky, as he has a heart murmur. He's currently staggering around like a drunk, not having taken to the cone so well. I am also dreading 3 x drug time tomorrow. Oh well.

I've had 2 blood tests and been prescribed drugs. But I also have to stop taking my back pills. That'll be interesting. Results hopefully on Tuesday. I feel SO tired and weary. Been crying most of today, feeling that I can't cope with everything at once.

Boo has been a star. He took us to the vet and the doc and has been really lovely. I wanted him to stay, but he's got loads to do and away all weekend.

Can't be bothered to do much now. So weary.


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