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April 12th, 2018

The Reign of Pain

It's gotten to ridiculous levels now. Getting to the tube station and back, such a short walk, leaves me in a ton of pain and exhausted. I'm not even going to get into how awful commuting makes me feel. But the only thing that can be done is painkillers. So I push on.

Fat Club was a "hmmmm" result. I lost half a pound, poor Marie gained 2. I don't deserve the half pound loss with what I drank last weekend. So I am grateful, but I need to see more that that! I have 3 meals out, minimum, before next weigh in. I'm not prepared to sacrifice my social life, and exercising is almost impossible at the moment. I'll do what I can *shrug*. Friday is my only "night off" this week, and it'll have to be in the gym, hey ho. I am time poor this week. Next week is a bit better in terms of available time.

No way I can mow lawns with things being as they are.

Rod emailing. I'm just ignoring him. Won't do him any harm to find out what it's like when people can't be bothered with the civility of a response. It's what he does.

Apr. 12th, 2018

Lovely catch up with Dawnie. But I am so tired this week, with the effort of getting around, in constant pain, that at the early hour of 10.30, I'm having to say goodnight. It's really getting to me now.

I am semi tempted to spend money I can't afford and get a massage tomorrow, to ease my muscles off just a bit.

Feeling utterly worn out, and a bit down emotionally.

But tomorrow is another day :)


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