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September 9th, 2017

Father Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

But not too much!

Scores on the doors since my last weigh in are:

Weight down 0.9 kilos.

Muscle mass up 0.7 kilos

Fat down 1.6 kilos

So it's slowly all heading in the right direction. However, a full on weekend coming up. Aiiiiiiii.

I shall very shortly be heading to bed, I shan't sit up all night drinking wine.

Been out with Marie tonight, post-gym, for a slap up Greek meal. Then I had report writing and some worky stuff to catch up on. I am very weary. My muscles all ache, I have tried hard at the gym this week. But this weekend, no work, no gym. I have several chores to run around doing tomorrow, no doubt impeded by my sprained ankle, but I'll get them done. Probably!

Life in general, appears to be heading in the right direction.
Originally posted by maitressep at I LOVE my life because....
  • Boo dropped me off this morning, wearing just a granny coat and boots. Him, not me. He's one of the most sexual people I've ever met, and I love his cock! Yes I do! I also love that he's bizarre.

  • I am wearing a 60s style dress, which perfectly sets off the lovely Edina Ronay courts he got me!

  • Last night I went out with possibly the most brilliantest bunch of friends anyone could ask for. They're a moveable feast, but all magnificent *blows kisses*

  • When I got home last night, I was totally unashamed at sticking a ruler up my poonani, just to check, and what's more, I know the others did too. We're all priceless!!

  • Tonight I've been treated to a new hairdo and makeover - and then dinner somewhere swanky. Yummmmmm! But I'M WORTH IT!

  • I don't have a hangover - yipeee!


So, I love my life and mah bebe!!



So, sprained left ankle to go with the torn ligament on my right! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh. I am wobbling about in pain, but I can manage. Not that I have managed a lot today really, the house is a bit tidier, but the garden was too wet to tackle. It is, naturally, killing my back too.

Waiting for Spence, third date. I like him. But I'm very scared of getting "involved". I don't think I'm ready yet. I've told him, and he just carries on being kind and thoughtful. It's good.


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