Call me Madam (maitressep) wrote,
Call me Madam

Yesterday I woke up at 4.30am. Pottered a bit and then thought, "fuck it, crack on girlie", so off I sailed on Brunhilde, did a full gym session and then 12 lengths, all not long after dawn. Today I am somewhat achey, having neglected to do a reset on the gym, but I've decided not to do a reset, just to carry on where I left off. 12 lengths is naff all to she who can do 100, but it's a start.

Spent the day dashing betwixt kitchen and PC, working from home and working on the home. Managed to manhandle a 6 foot tall fridge freezer out of the front door, by myself, in flip flops. New one now installed, working and I've just put all the saveable goodies back in. Yesterday was, in fact, bloody hard work one way and another. I also got a lot more of the ivy down, although completely incompetent slave has neglected to pick it up. Nothing new there.

Rod picked me up and we went out for SC dins, which was very tasty, I do love a proper pie! Pies are maligned in this country, I think they're an excellent food. Felt naughty, so went out in a sequinned dress with no undies. We went to Pinks afterwards. There's so much I could do there, but it needs a full refurb, decent kit and a manager who's shall we say, more commercially aware. But I'd love to go back again when it's busy, and feel the vibe. And other stuff ;)

Slept a bit on the sofa whilst he was working and then not a lot when we went to bed. But waking up with him is always a good start to the day. And it carried on. Pret gave me a free coffee, and then we had some cracking steaks for lunch due to it being Bruno's almost birthday.

And then the journey home, arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. Get on at Russell Square, change at Findsbury Park. No Vic Line either way, it's completely down. No trains to Cuffley, there's been a power cut. Busses totally mobbed. And then the torrential rain, thunder and lightning hit. Decide to trudge back to the tube, and eventually the Vic is back up again, albeit rammed. Get home at 7.30, exhausted.

Take sweaty sheets off bed and stick them in the wash, feed the cats, put Qantas jammies on and open a bottle of red.

And breaaaaathe.
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